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Welcome to the organizational communication blog. On this blog we will be discussing a range of topics that relate to organizational communication—from news items to research articles. We look forward to your comments and ideas!


Organizational Communication Website—The Back-story
by Patricia Riley | November 11, 2009 |  (1) Comments

This is an academic community site designed to connect, inform, help, share, question and engage those interested in the work that constitutes the area of organizational communication, broadly defined.

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Newspaper organizations as “empire(s) in decline”?
by Sandi Evans | November 09, 2009 |  (0) Comments

In this interview on Sky News, Rupert Murdoch discusses his view of the internet and Google as threats to the news business.

Murdoch prefers loyal paying customers to those (many, many) freeloaders who read Google news or use Google to search for news coverage. Many news organizations are still seeking updated business models that will enable them to function in a world where the internet (and Google) is indeed a reality as well as a potential benefit, not just a threat. While paywalls are one valid business model option for newspapers, the view that Google “steals” content and that search is a threat seem absolutely destructive for news organizations…

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Welcome to the org comm blog!
by Sandi Evans | November 07, 2009 |  (0) Comments

Welcome to the org comm blog. On this blog we’ll be discussing news and topics that relate to organizational communication from news items to research articles. We look forward to your comments!

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